Campdrafting is so popular because it is a family sport, where the young and old are catered for.  It embodies the lifestyle of Australian cattlemen and women. PETE his partner Bryony and youngest son Peter, travel the country competing and running clinics, from their base near Nebo in Queensland, where they run a commercial cattle herd.  Pete’s 2 older son’s and extended family also frequent events and competitions and have done for many years.

A lifetime of passion, commitment and determination has enabled Pete to become one of the most accomplished  competitors in this uniquely Australian Sport over the past thirty years.

Pete has achieved a level of Success that no other in the history of the sport or any other sport we know has.  His impressive list of career achievements is illustrated through his flawless performance history confirming why he is one of the most consistent in the sport.

Through his passion for campdrafting Pete has developed a unique training program which has assisted him throughout his impressive career. He shares the keys to his success through his DVD and clinics.

Performance Highlights  2019:

  • NCCA Champion Rider Winner

Performance Highlights  2018:

  • WINNER and RUNNER UP Condamine Bell Open
  • WINNER Mort and Co Australian Open Draft at Paradise Lagoons
  • WINNER Stallion Draft at Paradise Lagoons
  • WINNER Champion of Champions at Paradise Lagoons
  • WINNER of the Willinga Park Gold Buckle Open
  • =2nd Warwick Frasers Livestock Stallion Draft
  • Reserve Champion Dolly Everett Memorial Ladies Series (Bryony)
  • WINNER Restricted Open Clermont Gold Cup
  • WINNER Open Campdraft Yelvertoft
  • WINNER Ladies Campdraft Clermont Gold Cup (Bryony)

Performance Highlights  2017:

  • WINNER Open Rider Title #22
  • 2nd Open Campdraft Condamine Bell
  • WINNER Novice Paradise Lagoons 
  • WINNER, 2nd and 3rd Open Blue Mountain Campdraft
  • WINNER, 2nd and 3rd Open Campdraft Ridgelands
  • WINNER Restricted Open Bowen River 
  • WINNER Open Campdraft Middle Mount
  • WINNER Open Campdraft Mt Perry
  • 2nd Masters Campdraft Landmark Classic

Performance Highlights  2016:

  • WINNER Open Rider Title #21
  • WINNER ACA finals Open
  • WINNER of saddle for aggregate Warwick Gold Cup and Canning Downs
  • RUNOFF Australia Open at Paradise
  • WINNER Nebo Open
  • RUNNER UP LANDMARK CLASSIC Tamworth (for the 2nd time)

Performance Highlights 2015:

  • WINNER Paradise Lagoons Acton Super Beef Open 
  • WINNER Rocky Rush Rockhampton Cup Open
  • WINNER Condamine Bell Open
  • WINNER Condamine Bell Novice
  • RUNNER UP Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Open
  • WINNER Warwick Canning Downs

Pete Comiskey’s Career Highlights include:

  • 22 Times ACA Champion Open Rider 
  • Willinga Park  Open Gold Buckle
  • Warwick Gold Cup
  • Warwick Canning Downs (x3)
  • Warwick Frasers Livestock Transport Stallion Draft (x2)
  • Paradise Lagoons Acton Super Beef (x4)
  • Paradise Lagoons Supergirl
  • Paradise Lagoons Mort & Co Open (x3)
  • Chinchilla Grandfather Clock
  • Charters Towers Gold Cup
  • Clermont Gold Cup (x6)
  • Tamworth Super Series
  • Condamine Bell