Pete holds clinics all over the country and overseas, He is passionate about helping people to achieve success not only with their horses, but with the sport he loves.

With campdrafting’s popularity growing, it is becoming more and more important for stockmanship and safety education to occur.  Pete is dedicated to safety, he gives potential competitors a plan to go forward with both their training techniques, horse maintenance and competition strategies.  If you are safe, you will have fun and success!

Clinics are limited in rider numbers to allow for plenty of “one on one”, so organisers are often inundated with interest.  We aim to map out annual events in similar areas at the same time each year to allow potential participants to have enough warning to book in, or plan so that we can have enough days to cater for everyone, whether it be weekends or weekdays.

We are flexible with our format so anyone willing to run a clinic is encouraged to do so and conduct it in their own unique way within Pete’s guidelines. If you have any general enquiries about the  clinics or would like to host a clinic please contact us.

If you require specific information about a clinic on the calendar please contact the organiser listed direct.  Clinics aim to increase confidence and simplify communication with the horse, to obtain success and safety, both in competition and horsemanship. Without fail we have fun!